Issue #5: Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Housewife Sonata

A little night music.

Hi, bbs!

My skin is still peeling from that trip I took to Miami two weeks ago, and yet, by the time this newsletter hits your inbox, I will I have just landed at Miami airport for another blessed opportunity to celebrate another dear friend’s impending nuptials. Maybe my outer layer of skin will peel all the way off, revealing beneath it a human that has a normal sleep schedule. Fingers crossed!

This week’s newsletter is going to be a shorty but a goody. Let’s talk about Orchestral Music!


This week’s HIGHBROW pick is the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, and in particular, their covers of film scores.

My favorite performance of theirs is a rendition of songs from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, conducted by Sarah Hicks (yes, she’s a woman #girlboss #shero #nastywoman). The star of the show, however, isn’t Sarah. It isn’t even Soprano Christine Nonbo Andersen who does all the ah-ing during The Ecstasy of Gold. Nope, it’s all eyes on Mezzo-Soprano Tuva Semmingsen who fully commits to executing the whistling and the “wah-wah-wahs” during the Main Title.

Here they are performing both The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Main Title, and The Ecstasy of Gold. Their performance of The Godfather’s score is also fun to watch and filled with surprising and interesting instrumentation.


You’d think it be hard to find an orchestral piece that fell under the category of LOWBROW. But lucky for me, being associated with The Real Housewives of anywhere gets you an automatic LB.

Enter Nicole Spiezio, comedian, fellow Housewives connoisseur, lover of orchestral scores. Unto us, she hath delivered this most beautiful gift: Housewife Sonata.

I’m going to venture a guess and say you didn’t expect the next great musical mind of our generation would come from the scoring department of the Real Housewives. Egg on your face. Some of history’s most notable Greats come from the LOWBROW world, such as Ashlee Simpson, and others.

Whoever writes the music for the Housewives is able to so effortlessly take the nuances of human emotion and translate them into song. Nicole has elevated that person’s gift by taking us behind the scenes and showing us how an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is scored: live, with a full orchestra (not shown on camera, but heavily implied).

You can watch the Housewife Sonata here. I urge you to watch the entire video.


That’s all for this week. Short and sweet and written on antihistamines. Stellar!