HB/LB Mini #1

A smaller, less satisfying version of the newsletter!

Surprised to see me so soon?

Here at HB/LB, we celebrate all things mini, Minnie, Minnie, skinny, skinny, and Min(ho) Lee. So in the spirit of making things teeny tiny and finessing a way to put as little effort as possible into anything I do (a core Community value), here’s a mini issue of the newsletter. Think of it as the six almonds a “Lifestyle Magazine” allows you to eat in between the hearty HB/LB meals of baked salmon, steamed greens and ¼ of an avocado. And today’s mini issue is a…

  1. DoYogaWithMe.com — hella free-ass yoga classes, all lengths, all levels. And if you’re wondering who the “Charlie D’Amelio” of free online yoga is, it’s my shero, Fiji McAlpine.

  2. Robert De Niro in Jackie Brown — it’s really doing a lot for me at this fragile time.

  3. This USC pre-med who makes video essays about all the things I care about (pop stars, reality TV, teen shows from the 2000s)

  4. Kaytranada’s Bubba — On! Re! Peat! You medically can’t hear your anxious thoughts when Kali Uchis and Tinashe are singing, doctors say.

  5. The Cam Girls of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  6. The very thought of a new Fiona Apple album.

  7. These high school students who make full-length covers of Twice songs “Fancy” and “Yes or Yes.” 

  8. And just a few timeless classics.

Yes, I spend a lot of my waking life on YouTube. Yes, I saved this photo of Bad Bunny to my camera roll. What’s your point????????

K, babes. That’s it. The mini issue lives up to her name.

Stay safe, stay healthy and STAY HOME.

And remember, an HB/LB subscription makes for an incredible “I’m sorry your birthday is happening during a nation-wide shutdown” gift.


Mrs. Simone Polanen-Bunny